Welcome to my website
and thank you for taking
an interest in my work!

The albums on this website show how motifs, as well as sources of inspiration, develop and change in my paintings. Some works are the result of hours of patiently observing nature, while others are intuitive creations arising solely from my internal world as energy flows from my hands, as they grip a paintbrush or piece of chalk, into a medley of colorful forms, splotches, and symbols on paper. Sometimes I paint while looking at what is around me; I often start to draw a splotch or a line and then the painting itself dictates to me how to continue.

I name the paintings after completing them. Adding the power of the written word to the painting opens another dialogue between me and the viewer. I do not always find a word or title that suits a painting so more than a few works remain unnamed.

I mainly paint with watercolors on large sheets of paper and sometimes incorporate other media, such as ink, charcoal, and chalk.

Watercolors have distinctive characteristics: they cannot be fully controlled and have a flow of their own. I like the tension this forges in paintings between direct, precise touch and color expanding freely over the paper.

In watercolor paintings, there is no place for concealment or remorse. Even when a painting is constructed of layers of paint spread one on top of the other, its biography remains exposed and transparent.